Why do you use #7 plastic in your frozen and salad bags? Isn’t it dangerous and unrecyclable?

#7 plastic is not an inherently dangerous or unrecyclable category: the reality is that it is a “catch-all” category of recyclable material for those ‘other’ plastics that do not fit into categories 1-6.

All of our packaging is FDA-approved for food use and is BPA-free.

Our frozen and salad bags are classified as #7 because they are laminated. This is needed to prevent oxidation of products, inhibit light penetration, and keep out other liquids or pathogens.

As far as recyclability, the reality is that recycling programs for this category vary greatly by location. While an increasing number of recycling programs are accepting more types of containers that live in this category, double-checking what’s accepted in your local recycling program is a must-do for plastic #7.