Is your packaging made with recycled material? Is it recyclable?

We’ve always been on the forefront of packaging innovation in the salad category. Not only did we help popularize the clamshell packaging back in 2004, but we’ve also worked steadfastly ever since then to reduce its environmental footprint and make it as ecologically-minded as possible, while maintaining its functionality. Earthbound Farm remains an industry leader today—nearly all of our clamshell packaging is made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic bottles, a practice we pioneered within the category in 2009. In essence, our clamshells are not adding to the Earth’s plastic burden, but are re-using plastic that’s already here.

We think that post-consumer recycled materials are the most ecological packaging choice. The recycled materials use significantly less energy and water to produce than virgin plastic and generate far fewer GHG emissions. And because our clamshells are made from PET — the most widely recycled plastic — they can be recycled again at facilities that are able to accept thermoformed PET. What’s more, an entire clamshell package is made with just a small handful of recycled (or PCR) plastic pellets and use far less plastic than you think!