Our People

It’s not easy being green, but we wouldn’t have it any other way…

At Earthbound Farm, we are proud to be the largest organic greens and produce brand in North America. And while people are the heart and soul of any business, we feel particularly lucky to be bound by a deep passion for and commitment to the original mission of our founders: to bring more organic food to more people and be a catalyst for positive change. This mission is what brought many of us here, and it’s what keeps us inspired to get better each and every day.
Growing organic food isn’t always easy, but our people have the perseverance and passion to weather any literal or figurative storm because we believe it’s the better way.

Who are the people of Earthbound?

From our founders, employees to growers and partners, we are passionate people. People who love food. People who believe in the benefits of growing and producing food organically and bringing more organic happiness to the world.
The people of Earthbound, who represent multiple geographies, walks of life and corners of the organization—planters, pickers, packers, processors and product peddlers alike—find personal satisfaction from making a positive difference in the world for future generations and bringing you food that’s welcome at your table. It’s a powerful link that binds us all together. But it’s not just rooted in our past, it also guides our future. We embrace the pioneering spirit of our founders to continuously lead the organic movement, innovate and grow.

Where are the people of Earthbound?

We believe that more organic acres; farms of all sizes; and people producing organic food are critical to fulfilling our mission and securing a more sustainable food system for future generations. To that end, in our more than 30 years, Earthbound Farm has grown from 2 ½ to 45,000 organic crop acres and two people to nearly 1,300.
While our primary farming and operations are located in California, our corporate headquarters are in Colorado. And to ensure a continuous supply year-round in North America, we also have people and growing operations in Arizona and beyond. We are proud to be the largest employer in San Benito County, California, contributing to positive economic growth in this rural area.

“Lettuce” Introduce Ourselves

Meet our founders. Meet the people from all corners of the organization who have been with us from the early days to successfully grown their careers at Earthbound. Meet our growers who have helped us meet our ever-increasing demand for organic produce. Meet our newest employees who are ready to write Earthbound Farm’s next chapter. You’ll quickly see that what we all have in common is that regardless of geography, vocation or title, is that we each believe we can make a difference and bring more organic happiness to the world very day.