Tips, Tricks, & Hacks:  For Salad Month, we’re sharing step-saving skills to level up your salad game.

We know you love salads. You don’t have to prove anything to us. But we also know that many of you would gladly eat more if only it were simpler to achieve super yummy status. Don’t get us wrong…We love that basic dinner salad with organic romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers as much as the next person. But honestly, you have to work a little harder to make that one taste outta-this-world. If your salad is built on one of our Organic Baby Greens blends or Organic Sweet and Crisp blends, you’ll start out several steps ahead in the taste game. Then add just a few simple ingredients and your astonishingly simple homemade dressing, and you’ve got a truly delectable salad, with several easy permutations. We’ve got both zero prep and easy prep toppings for your consideration.

  • Zero Prep Toppings:
    • Hemp hearts make a nutty, high protein topping right from the bag.
    • Everything bagel seasoning – with its salt, sesame, onion, poppy seeds, etc. will jazz up any simple salad.
    • Dried fruit. We like the sweet tartness of dried cherries.
    • Crumbly cheese like feta, gorgonzola, blue cheese, or crumbly goat cheese.
  • Just a Little Prep:
    • Candied bacon. Of course you can simply crisp and crumble your bacon to have on hand for salad toppings. But you could also slay with candied bacon.
      • How to: It’s so simple, we’re not even going to say. Just watch this super short video then unleash your porky power.

    • Toasted nuts and seeds. We just love nuts and seeds – they add taste, texture, and loads of nutrition to your everyday salad. But when you toast them, you send the umami to the stratosphere.
      • How to: Roast a bunch at a time and store them in an airtight container so you have them at the ready to add a handful to salad (with your salty cheese and dried fruit) any time. Check below for another super short video for toasting whole walnuts: 30 minutes at 350°F. If you want to toast pecans, it’s 12 minutes at 325°F.

  • Caesar Salad with Crispy Chickpeas and Jammy Eggs Header ImageJammy Eggs. To us, the jammy egg is a near perfect addition to a baby greens salad, especially with a nice vinaigrette. And a little candied bacon never hurt. It’s a great light meal when you get home late and tired.
    • How to: Steam (or boil) you eggs for 8 minutes, then plunge into an ice water bath to cool. Peel and cut the eggs in half OR cut the eggs in half in the shell and scoop our the egg inside. We like the steam method using a steamer basket since the white turn out a little creamier and the shell seems easier to peel.