Here are some downloadable Earthbound Farm Organic resources that we hope you’ll find interesting and useful.

Beneficial Insect ID Chart

To an organic farmer, not all insects are created equal! Beneficial insects are extremely important allies in our fight against crop-damaging pests. Here are some of the beneficial insects we use, and the pests they prey on.

Fresh Herbs ID Chart

Cooking with fresh herbs is a sensory treat. Many of these fresh herbs are available in our Cut-Your-Own Organic Herb Garden at our Farm Stand in Carmel Valley, CA. In this chart we’ve identified some of our favorites with their common and Latin names, plus brief descriptions and cooking tips.

Grow Something Green

Step-by-step planting and care directions for growing your own lettuce in an Earthbound clamshell salad container — see our Grow Something Green page for videos showing how we did it at our Farm Stand in Carmel Valley, CA.

Leaves of Thanks Activity Printout

Here’s a nice way for people in any size group or age range to share things they appreciate. Print out the Leaves of Thanks sheet on white or colored paper, then cut them out to create separate leaves. Write something you appreciate on your leaves, then hang them on a bulletin board, string them on a thread to make a garland, make a wreath, use them as table decorations. Or simply take turns sharing what you’ve written as a lovely conversation starter for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Organic Farming with Lilly the Ladybug - Kids' Activity Book

Discover the story of how Lilly the Ladybug found a new home and new friends on our organic farm — there's lots to color, plus fun stuff to learn and do!

Specialty Greens Chart

Our delicious organic baby greens are more nutritious than traditional iceberg-only salads — and they’re grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, so they’re kind to the Earth, too. This easy reference shows the different kinds of baby leaves in Earthbound Farm organic salads, along with some other greens you might find in the produce aisle or farmer’s market.

The Home Cook Breakfast Book

Earthbound Farm and Meatless Monday have teamed up on this collection of fresh, fun breakfast (or anytime) recipes featuring organic produce and incredible flavor. Download yours now, for free, and enjoy!

ID Your Pumpkin & Squash

Do you know what variety you brought home? Check our handy ID chart and find out!

Nature Walk

Look for each object and check off the box if you found it.